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O.W.L Academy is an Early Intervention Facility located in the heart of Brooklyn. We are a brand new facility that specializes in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) which is a behavior modification program tailored to the needs of each individual child. We have a unique program designed to meet the individual needs of each child as well as promote socialization and optimal progress.

Sun Room

Sun Room

Our Sun Room is our square shaped room colored with shades of yellow. This room has many windows to allow the most amount of natural sunlight to enter. The sun room promotes focus with an energetic feel. This room focuses on the individual needs of each child where goals are child specific and individualized. Each room has its own smart board to incorporate technology and promote progress.


Sensory Gym


Our sensory gym is equipped with state of the art equipment geared towards the specific needs of each child. We have a completely interchangeable obstacle course with soft gym equipment which is challenging as well as safe for each child. Our sensory wall toys and ball pit are a favorite amongst our children. We have over a dozen swings that are completely interchangeable as well as a rock climbing wall and so much more!

Gym Pic 1

Sky Room

Sky Room pic 2

Our Sky Room is our triangular shaped room colored with shades of blue. This room is used for our small group instruction. The sky room promotes tranquility. Our children get to practice their individualized programs with their peers in the sky room. The sky room is designed with three centers to promote the most socialization and peer interaction. Circle time, arts and crafts and our sensory center focus on child specific goals in a group format to promote the most progress and carryover. Each room has its own smart board to incorporate technology and promote progress.

Sky Room Pic 1

Our Early Intervention Services

Our Early Intervention Center

O.W.L. Academy is truly a unique place. It is our mission to make a difference in a child's life everyday. O.W.L. Academy is a state of art facility equipped with smart board technology. We have a sensory gym with an obstacle course, rock wall, wall puzzles and so much more. We have specialized activities of preschool readiness, circle time, sensory and discovery center and so much more.

Our Program & Services

O.W.L. Academy offers an individualized experience for our children. Our center offers:

  • Early intervention evaluations

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy

  • One on One Individualized Instruction

  • Board Certified Instructors

  • Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy services provided daily onsite

  • Push In Models

  • Naturalistic settings

  • Small group instruction

  •  Socialization and Peer Interaction/ Social Groups

  • ABA Home and center services are aligned to facilitate the most progress and carry-over

We Are Special Because of Our Integrated Approach

O.W.L. Academy is a unique program which includes both center and home services. We strongly recommend that all children who receive services in the center also receive ABA services in the home. At O.W.L. Academy we mandate collaboration. Our home based ABA therapists train in the center so that home therapy can mirror what is being done at the center, to facilitate the most progress. O.W.L. Academy provides all the materials. Each child is provided with a binder to track and collect data, materials that were used in the center to be taken home (so that they can be used at home) as well as a tote bag to make for an easy carry of those items. This model provides the most up to date data tracking and collaboration in order to facilitate the most progress and carry over.

We provide a variety of home and center based services throughout NYC

  • Core and Supplemental Evaluations

  • Speech Language Therapy

  • ABA Services

  • Special Instruction

  • Social Work

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Parent/Child Developmental Groups

  • Parent Training

  • Parent Support Group